Time to get back to work

September’s arrival means the lazy summer is over, and the cool nights confirm it. I have had some welcome time for garden design and maintenance, visits with family and friends, a few short hikes, and a whole weekend of superb music, with only a few work projects to interrupt now and then. Soon the garden […]

Putting the prod in productivity

Writing is a love/hate activity for most of us and a fellow sufferer has come up with a possible solution. Write or die offers a way to punish us for failing to fulfill our commitments to ourselves. As the programmer points out, we are more likely to avoid writing that we really want to do […]

About what I’m doing for real work this week

The two women I am running this week’s internship program for are a dream to work with. They are inquisitive, interested in the material, and quick, both to question what is unclear, and to draw their own conclusions and connections. My role is that of mentor, rather than teacher; thus I think it’s my job […]

Speechless in Edmonton

I’m speechless now because my speech is done. I presented my piece on dealing with office clutter this afternoon to a receptive and appreciative audience at the Editors’ Association of Canada’s national conference. I was glad to be presenting after other sessions, because they were informative and diverting enough to keep me from getting too […]

Flying out today

The two-week work marathon in Saint John is over and I fly and drive back home starting this morning. It was the most intensely demanding piece of work I have done in a long while, but also one of the most intellectually satisfying — boy you don’t get to say that very often about a […]

Back Home Again

I have returned safely from my latest adventure in the U.S. of A., doing my bit to keep the Internet running. While I was down in Dulles this time, it occurred to me that the whole environment (whose bizarre perfection I have written about previously) was very like Second Life. As I walked with a […]

To Work or Not

I’m fortunate to have a variety of work and hobby projects begging attention most of the time, but the research ones are the most dangerous. Not too hard to just zoom around on the net with a specific goal, you think? Well, maybe not for those who have magnificent self-discipline, but that’s not me, is […]

Another Monday

Mondays can be so different. Last Monday I was up well before the sparrows to fly to Montreal for an all-day client meeting. Except for the getting up early part, it wasn’t as gruesome as it sounds. The meeting was well organized and all the right people were in the room when needed. There were […]

Trying to Keep Up

One of my favourite jobs these days is researching and writing a monthly report for a client on trends in information design. I like it for several reasons. One, it forces me to spend time each week listening to and reading about what the thought leaders have to say. They are frequently witty as well […]

Getting Started

Today is my officially and personally declared Fresh Start day, when I look forward with delight to whatever comes next. My year plus of redefining myself as a cancer survivor is now over. From now on, survival is just the baseline; every day is a glorious new offering at the open buffet and I’m going […]