Hike to die for

Saturday’s hiking adventure was excellent in several ways, but a dramatic reminder of just how long it’s been since I did any hiking. The morning fungi foray was not demanding. The main problem was keeping warm as we did not move very much — too many mushrooms littered the forest floor. The leader and her […]

In My Own Backyard

I’ve been back from San Francisco almost a week and I’m very happy about it, in spite of garden chores I haven’t caught up with yet. My trip met all business objectives but was frustrating because I started each stunningly beautiful day gazing at the harbour from my hotel room, then spending the rest of […]

Canoe Date

One of our first dates, way back when, was a canoe outing on the Credit River. Bob and I have been canoeing since, but not at all since we moved to our Owen Sound house. Until today. One of my urgent items to get done before I leave town next week was to reduce the […]

Something doesn’t love a duck

Nature really has the last word when it comes to life and death around the pond. We noticed Mama Duck flying off suddenly last Sunday afternoon, then we saw there were no eggs left in the nest. No sign of struggle or evidence of what creature feasted on the eggs. In a way, I’m glad […]

Fowl News

Stop worrying, you bird people! Mama mallard made several more visits to add to her egg collection and, as of Thursday, she’s been sitting on them full-time. Except when scared away by dogs a couple of times — but we’ve confined the canines to viewing from a distance now. She tolerates us walking into the […]

Bird Show

I saw the heron yesterday, silently checking out the pond. Bob had seen it a couple of times already, but I hadn’t. On a whim I took Tiger down to the pond near lunchtime and there it was, staying only seconds before it sensed us nearby and elegantly took off. No wonder we haven’t seen […]