Many many many BATS

One of Austin’s claims to fame is its bats. Went to some great sessions yesterday, but the highlight of the day was my evening excursion, with about 50 other people from the conference and hundreds of locals and tourists, to see more than a million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under a downtown bridge a […]

First Full Day in Austin

Tuesday started off with delightful serendipity. At the breakfast buffet I met Ginny Redish, an original guru of usability practice. It was one of her books I encountered about ten years ago that turned me on to the subject when I was preparing to teach at George Brown. The day’s session was a pre-conference tutorial […]

Made it to Austin

Getting here seemed to take all day, but only because of the pre-flight nonsense at the airport and the waiting in between actual flying. Dallas was 34 degrees but I never left the terminal to verify that and Austin is apparently 33, but I was whisked by air-conditioned hotel shuttle to this excessively air-conditioned hotel, […]