What does it take to be a TEDster?

I just applied to attend the nearest TEDx event to me, in Waterloo in March. It was an odd experience, having to summarize my worthiness for one of these exclusive conferences. I understand the need to limit audience numbers, but the idea of being vetted against largely unknown qualifications reminds me of what I imagine […]

All most of us need to know

In just over eight minutes, with a minimum of scientific jargon, get the whole history of the Internet in a clever black and white iconic narrative.

Assorted misspellings possible

I’m battling a head cold, like so many friends I’ve heard from, so I’ll leave my complaining at that. The most serious effect is impairment of my typing skills, which aren’t great even when I’m healthy. Makes me sound silly on Twitter feeds, but I’ll get over it. This morning I did the first session […]

If you have 5 minutes

An idea called Ignite, invented a couple of years ago for tech presentations, has produced dozens of quick looks at interesting new ideas. The setup is that a speaker has 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds, with a total of 5 minutes to speak. Here’s an example about teaching children the skills to be […]

The fourth screen

My week left very little time to spend on either of my courses, so you can guess what is in store for my weekend. I did manage to cruise through a number of emails and followed the odd link. This one, oddly enough, didn’t come from the course conversations; it was scribbled in the margin […]


Fear not, blog fans, it’s late in the evening, but I have not forgotten my commitment. Today was a teaching day, so I spent about six hours on the phone with my interns, who are absorbing all I know as fast as they can. I really enjoy my role evangelizing information architecture to people who […]

Getting Back to Things

I had a gentle reminder from a dear friend who reads this blog that I haven’t posted in a while. So I’m here to correct that with a vengeance. September always seems to me to be a better time for resolutions than January — who feels ambitious in dreary winter? — so I resolve to […]

I’m easily amused

Yes, I do spend all of my working life and much of my recreational life on the ‘net, but I’m always ready to be delighted by technology anew. This week’s wonder in the candy store is the tracking service from Fedex. I ordered my new iPod (the Touch, not the Phone , cuz Rogers is […]

Just when you’re feeling discouraged

You can’t stay discouraged about the state of the world and its future when you hear brilliant scientists like Hans Rosling articulate their passionate and hopeful ideas. Check out his TED Talk from this year’s conference. On the home front, Agnes is back, with a bigger brain and the same tiny footprint that I love, […]

Agnes Reborn

Bob’s energizing wishes yesterday seem to have inspired Agnes into new life, albeit wobbly. I got her to reboot this morning, rescued some odds and ends, then callously proceeded to negotiate purchase of her replacement. Yes, it’s a she, not an it — I was trying to exercise distance in yesterday’s post, but the truth […]