Having enough time

The trouble with having enough time is that you actually have enough time to get to things you have been avoiding for months. I’m almost there. Today I spent a great deal of time catching up on one of my current courses. I still have a couple of hundred discussion messages to clear, but I […]

Losing and finding

Don’t get the idea that just because I speak and teach about getting organized I am a paragon of organization myself. Au contraire. I like to think my ongoing experiences with clutter are at least useful for professional research. Recently I went through something most people will recognize — I couldn’t find an essential document. […]

Who doesn’t have this problem?

I’m reprising some of my ideas about clutter management this Wednesday evening at Ginger Press, one of Owen Sound’s best local bookstores. This time, rather than focusing entirely on home office issues as I did in Edmonton, I want to add some discussion of hobby space problems and, in fact, any creative pursuits that lead […]