Ebb and flow

This day started with a rush of unsavory liquid. Actually, it started during the night, but Bob kindly let me sleep while he dashed around mopping up overflow from our septic system in the basement. By morning, it was clear neither of us could figure out what was wrong, much less fix it, so Bob […]

Random information

I’m trying a new way to recycle herbs and spices that are well beyond their best-before date. As you know, they don’t go bad, they just get impotent. My mother kindly shared a book on herbal vinegars, so I thought, what have I got to lose? So far the jar of fennel and dried chive […]

Me and my pitchfork, Mum and her hiking boots

I moved a great many of the wood chips today, thanks to Bob’s suggestion to use a pitchfork to load them into the wheelbarrow. He was standing by to drive the mower with its attached cart, but couldn’t do much else because of severe back pain. We got a lot moved anyway and now have […]

Back to the future

Anyone who knows me may be surprised to hear that I invested in old technology today. I bought a sewing machine without a computer in it. I don’t do heaps of sewing — although I hope to do more now — and I have resisted for years the latest in sewing machine technology: electronic machines. […]

My chips came in

This being my birthday, I was prepared to embrace a day of sloth. I actually made some headway with an email backlog, read some course material, updated software and made bread. With some of the afternoon still ahead, I was preparing to go out into the garden when I noticed the hydro crew clearing trees […]

One thing at a time

It became evident to me this week that taking two courses at a time is a bad idea. It’s not that I didn’t have time, actually, it’s that I didn’t have enough brain cells to consume the avalanche of material. I had just enough other things on deadline to divert my attention when I needed […]

Home in the rain

On this rainy Sunday, I had lots to do indoors. Bob and I tackled installing light fixtures in three places, with two of the efforts going well. I struggled and failed with the first, then he stepped in and handled the other two with no problems — but his wiring setup was a lot easier […]

Creemore is no more

I am sad to report that our pheasant chick, Creemore, met a grisly end with an unknown predator, likely a rodent, although my only basis for that conjecture is the size of the remaining entry points to the cage. Nature laughs at our crude barriers.

One Chick Rescued

I saw the harsh reality of what probably killed one of our chicks this morning. The father, Cornelius, would cruise over to the remaining chick and take a stab at it for no apparent reason. Needless to say, Bob and I scrambled to get baby Creemore safely into a bucket, then coaxed Cornelius into an […]

Down to One Chick

Bob managed to kill the rat that was hanging around and even got some good pics of the pheasant babies yesterday, but this morning I found one dead, cause unknown. It’s a dangerous world.