Time to get back to work

September’s arrival means the lazy summer is over, and the cool nights confirm it. I have had some welcome time for garden design and maintenance, visits with family and friends, a few short hikes, and a whole weekend of superb music, with only a few work projects to interrupt now and then. Soon the garden […]

Is it spring yet?

Today was all about plants. I finished my research paper for the current horticulture course and, for a very limited time, I am willing to hold a conversation about the tamarack, also known as the Eastern larch. Moving on to indoor specimens, I overhauled everything growing in the sunroom, then set up containers for seeds […]

The chips are down

You may remember the birthday present which was a truckload of wood chips from the hydro guys. As of today, the entire truckload is now off the driveway. Bob helped a little, but I did most of the shoveling, wheeling, dumping, and raking, to move all those chips into their appointed place. Mostly, they have […]