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A major birthday

I spent my birthday away from home, but doing things I liked: reading, knitting, walking a dog, and finishing the day with an exceptional dinner accompanied by a delightful jazz trio, plus one. Thanks to dear family friend Vena for great conversation and very fine dining, and to Claire, for joining us!

The Internet will find you

A lot of people fear the Internet’s ability to invade privacy and expose personal information, but I confess I use that without compunction from time to time. I met someone about four years ago; we hit it off, but we lived hundreds of miles apart, so no chance for a lunch or coffee on a […]

The Best of the City

Tonight was the highlight of my current visit to Toronto: an excellent play at Tarragon Theatre with friends. The serious theatre experience has been one of the few things I’ve missed since moving north. Every time I come back to savour it, I resolve to make sure I get here regularly. There may be good […]

In Memory of Christian Gerard

A dear colleague and friend died last night. It was shocking and unexpected to hear the news, even though he had been struggling with a rare debilitating disease for many months. Christian was the most alive person I have ever met. He would always greet you with genuine enthusiasm and delight, full of ideas and […]