A major birthday

I spent my birthday away from home, but doing things I liked: reading, knitting, walking a dog, and finishing the day with an exceptional dinner accompanied by a delightful jazz trio, plus one. Thanks to dear family friend Vena for great conversation and very fine dining, and to Claire, for joining us!

The smell of sunshine

I have never been to Spain, but I feel transported to a hillside there on those rare February afternoons when the Seville oranges are bubbling away on my stove to make the classic marmalade. I made only one batch this year, and I feel fortunate to get that, as I thought I had missed the […]

Where’s the sun?

As I prepare to head off to the big city tomorrow for some usability fun, I note that we are only one week away from that much longed for event, the Winter Solstice. As of today, the day length here is eight hours and 49 minutes. We’ll lose another two minutes in the coming week, […]

Putting food by

As my mother and I shopped and chatted at our weekly visit to the Owen Sound Market, I was reminded of a story I read just yesterday about getting food in hand for the winter. I was immersed in Bruce County history this week while I catalogued precious family photographs, some dating to the 1880s. […]

It’s all about food — right here

Local foodies came together in droves today at a yummy Field to Fork Feast in Owen Sound to support the Grey Bruce Agriculture and Culinary Association. Superchef Michael Stadtlander talked about his own mission to use great local ingredients since he moved to the area and started serving legendary meals at Eisenginn Farm. But the […]

Spreading the bread

Yesterday’s bread workshop went very well, I think. We had just the right number of people for the amount of dough I had prepared and enough time for everyone to shape one or two mini-loaves to take home. One person had never made bread before, but the others had various levels of experience. I believe […]

More losing and finding

This week has been all about bread for me, as I am in final prep for my bread workshop at Ginger Press on Saturday. I started retesting recipes a few weeks ago, but when I was assembling them to copy for the class a couple of days ago, I couldn’t find one of my key […]

Always something to learn

I have been baking bread off and on for, oh, maybe 35 years, and never hesitated to try a different recipe or method. I’ve done sponge, sourdough, overnight, machine, Cuisinart, etc., and numerous ingredient and shape variations, such as Pesto Monkey Bread, challah (actually on request for an Easter service), hot cross buns, doughnuts, and […]

Autumnal equinox

It’s starting to look and feel like fall — chilly nights, and brisk mornings down by the pond — with breezes that shake down dead branches and loose leaves. Today was divided between my landscape design assignment and making grape jam. The former was a very enjoyable though demanding effort. I had collected enough photos […]

Curry in no hurry

We have an enterprise in town called Curry in a Hurry, who offer food at the market and meals delivered. Tonight we got to try a selection at a relaxed buffet dinner at Mudtown Pottery, the venue for several concerts we’ve been to. No need for anything but background music because the food was the […]