How lucky are we?!

While some Canadian towns and cities lost their independent bookstores long ago, Owen Sound has at least two actively contributing to the cultural community in lots of different ways. This afternoon, Maryann Thomas, owner of Ginger Press, hosted me to teach a Pasta Workshop. We gathered around the great table in the cafe end of […]

Great live music after great food

OK, so it’s snowing, but after a great evening like we’ve had, I don’t care so much. We started off with another meeting of the Curry Club at Mudtown, this time even better than last month’s. The samosas were particularly outstanding. After we ate entirely too much, we headed over to Knox Acoustic Cafe for […]

Promises to keep

OK, I slacked off from blogging for a couple of days, but I am back on track now. Looking back at the promise to blog every day, I am pleased with the result. I (almost) got into a seamless habit and I enjoyed the whip-cracking addition to the many reasons to do more writing. A […]

Art is the medium

Went to an opening tonight at the Tom Thomson Gallery, for two very different artists working in mostly different media, and presented so effectively that you could go from one space to the other and back again, learning more and appreciating more each time. Doug Guildford works with crocheted wire, plaster casts, drawing and printmaking […]

Sultans of String

I almost didn’t go, but a prompt from a Facebook friend this afternoon got me out to a terrific concert at the Courthouse Theatre tonight. It’s a cozy venue I hadn’t experienced so far in this music-mad city and apparently where the Georgian Bay Folk Society hold their events between Summerfolks. The Sultans of String […]

Another Great Summerfolk

Had a superb weekend down by the bay soaking up the great music of Summerfolk in mostly perfect weather. This felt like a vacation for me. I saw a few people I knew and Bob came by for a bit on Saturday evening, but it was just great doing my own thing with nobody else […]

Who’s the Doctor?

I was prepared to be totally disappointed with the new new Doctor Who (David Tennant) because I was thoroughly infatuated with the old new Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston), but I’m not. He’s every bit as convincingly original as he needs to be and the episodes I have seen so far have given me the retro […]

OK, Stop Hassling Me

Enough, already! Apparently there are readers of this blog (at least two) who are disappointed with the frequency of my posts. You’ll be sorry you complained, I warn you. Where I’d like to be this weekend: the Maker Faire. Whale blimps, spud guns, Lego robots and all kinds of “things that go BOOM!” Woohoo! My […]

OK, Now Back to Business

We’ve had the blog upgrade and the body refurb, so now it’s back to business. The bathroom reno (x 2) is still in progress, but that’s no excuse. I can’t even legitimately complain about the winter weather, as it’s been more like spring, today at least. Tonight I’m working on the workspace, as prep for […]

The Price is Right

The always original Jane Siberry now offers “self-determined transactions” at her online store, meaning you can pay nothing or something to download her songs. She explains, “Like many, I’m restless and impatient with living in a world where people are made to feel like shoplifters rather than intelligent peoples with a good sense of balance.” […]