Speechless in Edmonton

I’m speechless now because my speech is done. I presented my piece on dealing with office clutter this afternoon to a receptive and appreciative audience at the Editors’ Association of Canada’s national conference. I was glad to be presenting after other sessions, because they were informative and diverting enough to keep me from getting too […]

Final Conference Day

My Sunday sessions at the EAC conference started with David Friend of Thomson Nelson tackling the question of prescriptive versus descriptive approaches to dictionary making. What sounds like a pretty dry session was quite the contrary — interesting and thought-provoking. That’s what you like to find at a conference, some challenge to ideas you thought […]

Hot Time in the City

Toronto continued to sizzle today but we kept cool for the most part for the day’s EAC conference sessions. The highlight without question was Margaret Mahan’s delightfully witty keynote on the Chicago Manual of Style. As the main editor of the 15th edition, she had lots of inside secrets to share — who knew there […]

Steam Rising

The EAC conference got off to a sweaty start this evening with a reception in one of the older buildings of Victoria College. Lots of architectural ambience but no air conditioning. Still, nobody hesitated to add to the hot air; the buzz of conversation was continuous, punctuated occasionally with raucous laughter. I was told that […]

The Deafening Silence Ends

I hope to contrast the deafening silence here with several posts in the next few days from the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) conference, beginning tomorrow evening. I asked if there was wireless access from the venue, Victoria College at University of Toronto, and was assured that it was available, but later discovered I actually […]