YouTube observations

It’s gratifying that much of this connectivism course seems to be relevant to what I have tried to do with my information architecture teaching — to help people understand that the digital interaction, the connectivity that the technology is part of, influences and even determines the information that is created, consumed or shared. Today I […]

Yikes, almost missed a day

I’ve spent the past two days mostly on the phone with the interns I am coaching, and fitting time into breaks and late afternoon spots some efforts to keep up with emails from the connectivism course. Not easy, when there are just under 2000 people in the course, posting their introductions and greeting others they […]

Who doesn’t have time?

I heard this a while ago, but a blogger connected(!) to my Connectivism course brought it back to my attention. Listen to Clay Shirky on our cognitive surplus. Good reminder for me as I face the explosion of material landing in my lap for this course.

Connecting about connectivism

One of the courses I am starting tomorrow is Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). And massive is certainly a good description. Our pre-course activities include posting an introductory message, so that everyone can get an idea of who is participating. I chose to receive these via email (although you don’t […]