Go with your strengths?

We often hear people say, “go with your strengths” but usually it’s said in jest. Most common approaches to self-improvement focus on personal weaknesses, finding out where you have shortcomings, so you can improve those and do well in all areas. Marcus Buckingham has a different idea. He proposes that it is our strengths that […]

Books I should be Reading

I thought about posting a list here of all the books I have bought and haven’t read yet, but I decided it would be too embarrassing. Besides, there are still many books in boxes since our move, so I couldn’t make an accurate list, could I? Instead, here’s the pile on my night table, the […]

Thinking About Stuff

There has been a flurry of activity in this household lately to review and purge (more than the usual), thus leading me to more consideration of how to organize what remains. I came across this rumination on how to organize books (yes, we have lots of those in the house). When I read this, I […]