Australia 2012: Thursday at sea

We’ve been at sea for four days now, since the cancellation of our visit to Mackay, but there is no shortage of things to do. The highlight was the total solar eclipse yesterday morning. I got up way too early, but had lots of time to enjoy the sunrise and pick a spot to watch on the observation deck before it got crowded. I stood next to someone with a fully tricked out camera that showed the progress in the viewfinder. It was tense at the beginning because the sun broke through, then was obscured by cloud for first contact (the beginning of the eclipse). We got glimpses through the clouds until finally it was clear for totality and continuously for the remainder of the moon’s crossing of the sun’s path. Following the advice from one of the astronomy speakers, Bob Naeye of Sky and Telescope Magazine, I didn’t worry about getting a filter for my camera to take pictures, but just enjoyed the experience fully, watching it with the filtered glasses provided. I’ve had lots of opportunity to relive it since as many photographers are sharing their pix.
The Mac sessions are generally good, with a couple of disappointing exceptions, but the sky sessions are good, too. Highlight of these yesterday was Lawrence Krauss on the life and death of stars.
It’s another gorgeous warm day with sunny skies; tomorrow we stop at Easo, on Lifou, a genuine south sea island.

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  • janine

    Oh I was thinking of you watching the news last night…they showed people in OZ taking in the eclipse…so it made the news half way round the world!!! Glad you’re having such a good time. Sun is shining today…although -2 this morning when I took Nikki for her morning walk.