Australia 2012: Friday in Brisbane

After an enjoyable day and two nights at sea, we are docked in Brisbane for the day, so I made my way to the Cultural Centre, including the State Library. It’s not open yet, but their wifi is, so I can catch up on email and this blog. Internet on the ship is slow and expensive, so I’m using it as little as possible. I’ve enjoyed four seminar sessions already, two from Mac people, and two from astronomy people. The Mac sessions were good, but didn’t tell me much I didn’t know already. On the other hand, I know almost nothing about astronomy, so Lawrence Krauss’ session on the origins of life was fascinating, as was Bob Naeye on eclipses. I’m very glad I signed up for both tracks. I was astonished to find another passenger here who calls herself The Star Lady (also a speaker on the cruise), and who lives in Kemble, Ontario.
For the next three ports, I have booked shore excursions, so I may not have time for another catchup for some time.

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