Australia 2012: Day 9 – Not just a horse race

For my last day in Manly, I decided to just enjoy the flowers and birds on the patio and catch up on reading and knitting. By mid-afternoon it was time to find out what the Melbourne Cup madness was all about, so I watched the preliminaries on TV. Looks like a grand excuse to get dressed up and party, especially if you have any inclination to bet on the horses. The outfits were fascinating, mostly in luscious spring colours. And the race itself was pretty exciting, with a surprise winner streaking ahead for a brilliant finish. Most impressive to me were the camera angles for the race, not just the overheads, probably from a helicopter, but several from the jockeys’ view, I imagine from small cameras attached to their helmets. A great show!

This evening, I packed once more to prepare for my cruise adventure that begins tomorrow.

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