Drive your own day

Today is my day for sniffling and wheezing with a head cold, rather than taking the road trip I had planned to Kitchener for a needlework show. Instead, I dropped into a recent tech conference in California via YouTube for Tim O’Reilly’s talk while I knitted a sweater ordered recently from the net, based on […]

As the tech turns

An old iMac (very old, but still runs OS X) found a new home today, from my mother’s basement into the hands of the seven-year-old daughter of a friend. My sister, the original owner, used it daily for years to do her work as a publicist for theatre, TV shows, films and assorted celebrities. After […]

A walk in the woods

Today I went for a wonderful hike in a nearby forest, not just for myself, but for my mother, whose declining health makes it impossible to do some of the things she loves. The woods were alive with sprouts of trout lilies and wild leeks, and there were blooming hepatica, bloodroot, and coltsfoot and even […]