Sound all around

Julian Treasure, who is in the business of making sounds work better, especially for people who sell things, gives a quick primer on how sounds affect us in this short TED talk. I especially like his closing comment, offering bird sounds, which he prescribes at a minimum of 5 minutes a day.

Go with your strengths?

We often hear people say, “go with your strengths” but usually it’s said in jest. Most common approaches to self-improvement focus on personal weaknesses, finding out where you have shortcomings, so you can improve those and do well in all areas. Marcus Buckingham has a different idea. He proposes that it is our strengths that […]


I had some great conversations with people I don’t normally see while I was away in Toronto. One friend recommended a conference called Gel, short for Good Experience Live, usually held in New York. Its user experience focus brings together creators and thinkers from various fields, making it somewhat like TED, but more affordable. Here’s […]

Change is constant

I’m back from almost three weeks on a semi-vacation in Toronto. I started with a two-day conference, then spent the rest of the time meeting with family, friends and colleagues from a comfortable base in the west end. I like a change of venue now and then to get into fresh thinking about what I […]