A major birthday

I spent my birthday away from home, but doing things I liked: reading, knitting, walking a dog, and finishing the day with an exceptional dinner accompanied by a delightful jazz trio, plus one. Thanks to dear family friend Vena for great conversation and very fine dining, and to Claire, for joining us!

Back in the big city

The next couple of days will be an immersion in what I do for a living, mostly, because I’ll be at the Idea Conference 2009. It’s all about social and experience design and you can bet that much of the conversation will centre on online communities and technologies. I had an interesting listen on the […]

Time to get back to work

September’s arrival means the lazy summer is over, and the cool nights confirm it. I have had some welcome time for garden design and maintenance, visits with family and friends, a few short hikes, and a whole weekend of superb music, with only a few work projects to interrupt now and then. Soon the garden […]