Where we came from

Do you remember what life was like before the Internet? Even my generation and older may have difficulty looking back to when personal computer technology was new and amazing. Here are some videos that may help, what they call the “mother of all demos” from Stanford in 1968. Lead presenter Doug Englebart mentions, among other […]

Time to celebrate

My team at PMH declared me officially a five year survivor today. In cancer talk, that’s the major milestone to make, since statistically most recurrences diminish tremendously after that. We still watch and wait, but heck, another reason to celebrate! I went down to the catacombs to thank the people operating “my” radiation machine. The […]

Off to see the wizard

I’m off to the big city tomorrow to do a number of important things. First up is a routine visit to the wizard at Princess Margaret Hospital who blessed me with a cure almost five years ago. When checkup time comes around I always have to ask myself if I have earned it by smelling […]

A change long overdue

I’ve been a subscriber to The Globe and Mail on paper for way too many decades to admit, even continuing paper delivery after we moved up to Owen Sound. Today I finally gave up on the spotty delivery (sometimes late, sometimes never) and switched to the e-reader version. Maybe one day I’ll let go entirely, […]