One thing I miss from Mississauga

The irrepressible Hazel. Long may she reign. and skate. and boogie.

The smell of sunshine

I have never been to Spain, but I feel transported to a hillside there on those rare February afternoons when the Seville oranges are bubbling away on my stove to make the classic marmalade. I made only one batch this year, and I feel fortunate to get that, as I thought I had missed the […]

Celebrating youthful enthusiasm

The TED conference will never be one that I attend in person, but I am delighted by every presentation that is posted. Took some down time today to rest up between my workshop facilitation this morning and my Toastmaster’s contest tonight to enjoy this one. Bookmark it for those days when all you seem to […]

Assorted misspellings possible

I’m battling a head cold, like so many friends I’ve heard from, so I’ll leave my complaining at that. The most serious effect is impairment of my typing skills, which aren’t great even when I’m healthy. Makes me sound silly on Twitter feeds, but I’ll get over it. This morning I did the first session […]

How lucky are we?!

While some Canadian towns and cities lost their independent bookstores long ago, Owen Sound has at least two actively contributing to the cultural community in lots of different ways. This afternoon, Maryann Thomas, owner of Ginger Press, hosted me to teach a Pasta Workshop. We gathered around the great table in the cafe end of […]