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Hope is a good thing

Our news is so full of the US inauguration festivities, bearing no small resemblance to a coronation, it would be easy to be cynical and disparaging. But I feel hopeful and uplifted. It made me think about all the Americans I know personally, and feel excited and optimistic for their lives and their country. Such […]

Life and death on a plate

Preoccupied as I am lately with life, death and the universe, I found this TED Talk particularly inspiring and relevant. Bread = a transformational food. But then I knew that.

Starting Over

My resolution to post here much more often came to an abrupt halt last week with the tragic and sudden death of my brother-in-law. I spent the week with my sister, getting through the rituals and details, and feeling like we were on another planet. Now I’m back, looking around and wondering if I have […]

Another day to mourn

We are still in Toronto, but Mum will be returning tomorrow to recover from her cold. The service for Doug will be Thursday at Turner & Porter on Dundas at Islington. Friends can drop in from 2 pm, with the service starting at 3.

When you least expect it

Mum and I are in Toronto, after a harrowing drive through blizzards, to be with my sister, who has tragically lost her life partner. Death is rarely easy to accept and is particularly difficult when it comes to a person in the midst of life. It cuts short the hopes and dreams of all around […]

Here’s the list

This year’s theme will be Less and More, summarized as follows:

Dance more. Write more. Let go of more. Regret less. Risk more. Eat less. Sleep more. Get outside more. Procrastinate less. Celebrate more.

The Mores win.