Where’s the sun?

As I prepare to head off to the big city tomorrow for some usability fun, I note that we are only one week away from that much longed for event, the Winter Solstice. As of today, the day length here is eight hours and 49 minutes. We’ll lose another two minutes in the coming week, […]

Gotta stop this

I’ve spent way too much of the last few days doing genealogical sleuthing, as part of the catalog work for the vintage photo collection from cousin Mary Jo. I think I like it especially because it combines the physical and the digital. I peer intently with a magnifier at each sepia portrait in my hand, […]

Putting food by

As my mother and I shopped and chatted at our weekly visit to the Owen Sound Market, I was reminded of a story I read just yesterday about getting food in hand for the winter. I was immersed in Bruce County history this week while I catalogued precious family photographs, some dating to the 1880s. […]