The Internet will find you

A lot of people fear the Internet’s ability to invade privacy and expose personal information, but I confess I use that without compunction from time to time. I met someone about four years ago; we hit it off, but we lived hundreds of miles apart, so no chance for a lunch or coffee on a […]

It’s all about food — right here

Local foodies came together in droves today at a yummy Field to Fork Feast in Owen Sound to support the Grey Bruce Agriculture and Culinary Association. Superchef Michael Stadtlander talked about his own mission to use great local ingredients since he moved to the area and started serving legendary meals at Eisenginn Farm. But the […]


The last few years it has been perplexing to come up with appropriate Christmas gifts for family members. Except for one, all are adults, and none are in need of much. That is, they are able to buy for themselves all of the usual gift items (gloves, socks, etc.) when they need them. For the […]

Great live music after great food

OK, so it’s snowing, but after a great evening like we’ve had, I don’t care so much. We started off with another meeting of the Curry Club at Mudtown, this time even better than last month’s. The samosas were particularly outstanding. After we ate entirely too much, we headed over to Knox Acoustic Cafe for […]

Putting the prod in productivity

Writing is a love/hate activity for most of us and a fellow sufferer has come up with a possible solution. Write or die offers a way to punish us for failing to fulfill our commitments to ourselves. As the programmer points out, we are more likely to avoid writing that we really want to do […]

Trip to the city

I went to the big city yesterday to visit a dear friend who is unwell. It was another of those brilliant bonus days where the sun shines and the air is clear, not a dreary November day at all. The best part is the way the fields turn copper and gold and a field of […]

Having enough time

The trouble with having enough time is that you actually have enough time to get to things you have been avoiding for months. I’m almost there. Today I spent a great deal of time catching up on one of my current courses. I still have a couple of hundred discussion messages to clear, but I […]

Spreading the bread

Yesterday’s bread workshop went very well, I think. We had just the right number of people for the amount of dough I had prepared and enough time for everyone to shape one or two mini-loaves to take home. One person had never made bread before, but the others had various levels of experience. I believe […]