More losing and finding

This week has been all about bread for me, as I am in final prep for my bread workshop at Ginger Press on Saturday. I started retesting recipes a few weeks ago, but when I was assembling them to copy for the class a couple of days ago, I couldn’t find one of my key […]

Losing and finding

Don’t get the idea that just because I speak and teach about getting organized I am a paragon of organization myself. Au contraire. I like to think my ongoing experiences with clutter are at least useful for professional research. Recently I went through something most people will recognize — I couldn’t find an essential document. […]

Ebb and flow

This day started with a rush of unsavory liquid. Actually, it started during the night, but Bob kindly let me sleep while he dashed around mopping up overflow from our septic system in the basement. By morning, it was clear neither of us could figure out what was wrong, much less fix it, so Bob […]

A rat named Higgins

Today’s adventure was a glorious drive to Toronto, returning via Waterdown, Claire’s current hometown. I was astonished to see the snow-covered fields between Holland Centre and Dundalk. While we all saw snow fall yesterday, none of it stayed on the ground where I live. My checkup at PMH was very efficient and I got a […]

Successful day supporting the economy

Mum and I spent about 5 hours savouring the sewing and needlework show, coming away with both knitting and sewing projects. Then I took a long walk to do some errands. This is a noisy dirty city, for sure, but it was a spectacular afternoon to enjoy it.

Here in Toronto

We’re ensconced at RCMI but briefly until we head out for North York for dinner and theatre. And yes, Jacqueline, I will certainly share the bread secret, once I have done my workshop Nov. 1.

Yikes, almost a week off from blogging!

So it looks like the blog is the first to go when things get too crazy, but I’m back, at least for tonight. Tomorrow I head out of town for an urban adventure, with only the iPod Touch as available tech. Not sure if I can do a blog post from it, but I will […]

The chips are down

You may remember the birthday present which was a truckload of wood chips from the hydro guys. As of today, the entire truckload is now off the driveway. Bob helped a little, but I did most of the shoveling, wheeling, dumping, and raking, to move all those chips into their appointed place. Mostly, they have […]

Always something to learn

I have been baking bread off and on for, oh, maybe 35 years, and never hesitated to try a different recipe or method. I’ve done sponge, sourdough, overnight, machine, Cuisinart, etc., and numerous ingredient and shape variations, such as Pesto Monkey Bread, challah (actually on request for an Easter service), hot cross buns, doughnuts, and […]

Hike to die for

Saturday’s hiking adventure was excellent in several ways, but a dramatic reminder of just how long it’s been since I did any hiking. The morning fungi foray was not demanding. The main problem was keeping warm as we did not move very much — too many mushrooms littered the forest floor. The leader and her […]