Random information

I’m trying a new way to recycle herbs and spices that are well beyond their best-before date. As you know, they don’t go bad, they just get impotent. My mother kindly shared a book on herbal vinegars, so I thought, what have I got to lose? So far the jar of fennel and dried chive […]

Who doesn’t have this problem?

I’m reprising some of my ideas about clutter management this Wednesday evening at Ginger Press, one of Owen Sound’s best local bookstores. This time, rather than focusing entirely on home office issues as I did in Edmonton, I want to add some discussion of hobby space problems and, in fact, any creative pursuits that lead […]

If you have 5 minutes

An idea called Ignite, invented a couple of years ago for tech presentations, has produced dozens of quick looks at interesting new ideas. The setup is that a speaker has 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds, with a total of 5 minutes to speak. Here’s an example about teaching children the skills to be […]

Me and my pitchfork, Mum and her hiking boots

I moved a great many of the wood chips today, thanks to Bob’s suggestion to use a pitchfork to load them into the wheelbarrow. He was standing by to drive the mower with its attached cart, but couldn’t do much else because of severe back pain. We got a lot moved anyway and now have […]

Back to the future

Anyone who knows me may be surprised to hear that I invested in old technology today. I bought a sewing machine without a computer in it. I don’t do heaps of sewing — although I hope to do more now — and I have resisted for years the latest in sewing machine technology: electronic machines. […]

Art is the medium

Went to an opening tonight at the Tom Thomson Gallery, for two very different artists working in mostly different media, and presented so effectively that you could go from one space to the other and back again, learning more and appreciating more each time. Doug Guildford works with crocheted wire, plaster casts, drawing and printmaking […]

My chips came in

This being my birthday, I was prepared to embrace a day of sloth. I actually made some headway with an email backlog, read some course material, updated software and made bread. With some of the afternoon still ahead, I was preparing to go out into the garden when I noticed the hydro crew clearing trees […]

Autumnal equinox

It’s starting to look and feel like fall — chilly nights, and brisk mornings down by the pond — with breezes that shake down dead branches and loose leaves. Today was divided between my landscape design assignment and making grape jam. The former was a very enjoyable though demanding effort. I had collected enough photos […]

Birthdays are a good excuse

I’ve had visits from two of my children this weekend (unfortunately not at the same time, so they didn’t see each other) in honour of my birthday. The actual day, Tuesday, doesn’t matter whole lot, because I already feel that I’ve had the best of gifts, but there is more, because my sister is coming […]

Curry in no hurry

We have an enterprise in town called Curry in a Hurry, who offer food at the market and meals delivered. Tonight we got to try a selection at a relaxed buffet dinner at Mudtown Pottery, the venue for several concerts we’ve been to. No need for anything but background music because the food was the […]