Back in beautiful NB

I’m back in beautiful New Brunswick this evening for a week of working with a favourite client. This time the week in Saint John will be punctuated with one day in Fredericton. It was a lovely day to drive down to the airport from home, with the fields looking lushly green. The smooth (if slightly […]

I’m easily amused

Yes, I do spend all of my working life and much of my recreational life on the ‘net, but I’m always ready to be delighted by technology anew. This week’s wonder in the candy store is the tracking service from Fedex. I ordered my new iPod (the Touch, not the Phone , cuz Rogers is […]

Creemore is no more

I am sad to report that our pheasant chick, Creemore, met a grisly end with an unknown predator, likely a rodent, although my only basis for that conjecture is the size of the remaining entry points to the cage. Nature laughs at our crude barriers.

One Chick Rescued

I saw the harsh reality of what probably killed one of our chicks this morning. The father, Cornelius, would cruise over to the remaining chick and take a stab at it for no apparent reason. Needless to say, Bob and I scrambled to get baby Creemore safely into a bucket, then coaxed Cornelius into an […]