Speechless in Edmonton

I’m speechless now because my speech is done. I presented my piece on dealing with office clutter this afternoon to a receptive and appreciative audience at the Editors’ Association of Canada’s national conference. I was glad to be presenting after other sessions, because they were informative and diverting enough to keep me from getting too nervous before my turn. Several people came to me afterward to ask questions or thank me, saying how they planned to go home and try out some of my ideas — that’s the best thanks I could have hoped for. I have lots more to say on the subject — yeah, you can’t shut me up now. It will become fodder for my new site (in development, but live in an alpha version). And now I’ve got to work on a better version of my speech.

1 comment to Speechless in Edmonton

  • Bravo Lynda, I knew it would be successful.
    Corner shelf moved in and MY clutter is being attacked.
    Keeping notes on dealing with my stuff!!!
    Luv, Mum