Down to One Chick

Bob managed to kill the rat that was hanging around and even got some good pics of the pheasant babies yesterday, but this morning I found one dead, cause unknown. It’s a dangerous world.

Birth Announcement

We have been concerned about our Lady Amherst female, Cornelia, as she has spent most of the last three weeks in her brood box. Today we found out why she was so diligent. This morning she was anxiously cooing at two tiny chicks trotting around in the pen. There may be more in the brood […]

In My Own Backyard

I’ve been back from San Francisco almost a week and I’m very happy about it, in spite of garden chores I haven’t caught up with yet. My trip met all business objectives but was frustrating because I started each stunningly beautiful day gazing at the harbour from my hotel room, then spending the rest of […]

West Coast Arrival

I’m in San Francisco for the week and so far all I’ve seen is an evening view on the trip into the city from the airport. Today was spent in hotel meeting rooms and now I’m too exhausted to do more than look out on a wonderful view from the 33rd floor of this posh […]

Canoe Date

One of our first dates, way back when, was a canoe outing on the Credit River. Bob and I have been canoeing since, but not at all since we moved to our Owen Sound house. Until today. One of my urgent items to get done before I leave town next week was to reduce the […]

Speechless in Edmonton

I’m speechless now because my speech is done. I presented my piece on dealing with office clutter this afternoon to a receptive and appreciative audience at the Editors’ Association of Canada’s national conference. I was glad to be presenting after other sessions, because they were informative and diverting enough to keep me from getting too […]