Random Kindness

I’m back in Saint John for a week, not so happy about it this time because I am nursing a head cold. Fortunately I didn’t have to do all the talking (or croaking) and the day went quickly because we had lots to cover. After a solo dinner in the hotel restaurant, my waitress took […]

Making connections

It’s a special day when I have conversations with two of my grown children. Claire is back in Scotland after her travels to Africa, Amsterdam, Asia and Australia, now pondering her next adventure. She is mindful of the great gift of choice she has about where to live, work and learn, one that not everyone […]

An idea worth spreading

I’ve been meaning to make time (good grief, it only takes 20 minutes!) for this TED talk for a while, and finally did it today. This is Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist who powerfully describes her experience and her discoveries from her own stroke.

Claire’s birthday

Thanks to the magic of text messaging, I was able to wish Claire a happy day today, and hear back from her that she just enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Singapore Zoo and is about to go on their night safari. I can imagine that will particularly please her, as she was so thrilled […]

More TED Talks coming

The TED conferences are wildly expensive and not open to everybody, but their makers are generous about sharing presentations, as I’ve written about before. While I wait for the latest to be posted, I’ve been reading Mark Frauenfelder blogging from the conference last week. Here’s my favourite: training crows.