Find the moment

Michael Hyatt is one of a number of bloggers I follow for inspiration. His perfect moment post is a message I welcome, no matter how often I hear it. I had one of those moments as I came upstairs this evening to check on the oranges I was cooking. The whole kitchen smelled of Spanish […]

Flying out today

The two-week work marathon in Saint John is over and I fly and drive back home starting this morning. It was the most intensely demanding piece of work I have done in a long while, but also one of the most intellectually satisfying — boy you don’t get to say that very often about a […]

I can’t keep up

I get two truffles each evening as part of the turn-down service in the hotel and I’m finding it a struggle to eat them all. I really make an effort to keep up, but usually I’ve just returned from a restaurant meal, which is more substantial than an at-home dinner. There they are, demanding not […]

From Musquash to St Andrews by the Sea

Today I had the good fortune to be driven along the coast west from Saint John by a colleague. She had lived in the area some time ago and was glad to show me the less travelled roads through fishing towns and villages and tell me some of their stories. Many of the details she […]

A week in Saint John

I meant to post much more often from Saint John, but the days have been very full — after all I am here on an urgent assignment for a client — and the evenings are spent mostly recovering from the days. i survived the first week and I’m looking forward to finally seeing a bit […]

Green Bottles

I’m in Toronto this week, packing up the condo, which becomes someone else’s at the end of the month. Bob has more attachment to it than I as it was his first owned home, but I have appreciated it for several city visits in the past year. Nonetheless, it’s time to let go. My daughter […]

The City Can Wait

I was all set to drive to Toronto tomorrow when I realized I would miss my belly dancing class Monday night. So I changed plans and will go Tuesday instead. Still lots of time to cover the commitments I have in the big city, as long as the weather is kind. This will be probably […]