Isn’t it all about food?

We did a turkey this year, to celebrate our first fully celebrated Christmas in this house, and I decided to brine it. The directions came from a noted chef who shared his recipe in The Globe and Mail, and the timing appealed to me. I picked up the fresh turkey at the Owen Sound market […]

White Christmas after all

It wasn’t looking good for a white Christmas yesterday, with everything dripping wet and patches of grass showing on the back lawn. This morning it was postcard pretty again with flurries dusting down. Why is this important? It’s very hard to face the dismal green and brown of a popular holiday supposedly all about families […]

The best Christmas letter

I made time to do Christmas cards this year, not as many as I could, but way more than last year when we were still digging out essentials from moving boxes. I like the old-fashioned feel of the process, though I confess my address list is neatly digitized and set up to keep track of […]

The Best of the City

Tonight was the highlight of my current visit to Toronto: an excellent play at Tarragon Theatre with friends. The serious theatre experience has been one of the few things I’ve missed since moving north. Every time I come back to savour it, I resolve to make sure I get here regularly. There may be good […]

Just when you’re feeling discouraged

You can’t stay discouraged about the state of the world and its future when you hear brilliant scientists like Hans Rosling articulate their passionate and hopeful ideas. Check out his TED Talk from this year’s conference. On the home front, Agnes is back, with a bigger brain and the same tiny footprint that I love, […]