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Silver the Wonder Dog

Our intrepid boxer, Silver, had a mishap yesterday down at the pond. I had taken the dogs down there for a morning romp and Silver went directly to the far side of the frozen pond to do his business. I headed after him to pick it up, then watched him tear off with enthusiasm across […]

Agnes Reborn

Bob’s energizing wishes yesterday seem to have inspired Agnes into new life, albeit wobbly. I got her to reboot this morning, rescued some odds and ends, then callously proceeded to negotiate purchase of her replacement. Yes, it’s a she, not an it — I was trying to exercise distance in yesterday’s post, but the truth […]

In Memory of Agnes

Not much to write about since my return to work post-vacation, until today. Early this afternoon, my favourite Mac, my baby Mac, the 12-inch Powerbook called Agnes, had a fatal hard drive failure. I am stricken. Not because I lost data — everything important is backed up redundantly — but because it was really a […]

What about virtual worlds?

In case you were wondering, and even if you weren’t wondering, what possible use virtual worlds could be, consider how a few people at NASA are looking at it: NASA’s Colab Second Life Mission is just one of many educational and scientific efforts exploring the possibilities.

Hard Landing

I’ve just about recovered from the shock of re-entry after a month away. Getting back home wasn’t too shocking — Bob did a fine job of holding things together — but getting back to work was not a smooth landing. For one client, things went fine. I had two three-hour sessions booked in my first […]