Home & Family News

Lots of work has filled my days lately, but my mind keeps straying to home and family stuff. Our kitchen is done and it’s a beauty. I will echo Bob’s comments that John Marriage of JSM Contracting did a superb job leading the project from start to finish. His father, John Sr., made an outstanding […]

Starry Night

I really spend far too much time with my butt glued to the desk chair, but I’m taking the whole weekend off for Summerfolk, a major event around here. I missed most of last week’s Homecoming celebrations because of work commitments and I was really annoyed about it. The summer is flying by and I […]

What the Internet is good for

It should be easy to keep focus on work when I’m here in Toronto, away from distractions of dogs, garden, and the nearly finished kitchen, but it’s not. I’m still a procrastinator at heart and it is undeniably a Friday afternoon before a long summer weekend. Here’s a thoroughly worthwhile diversion for the rest of […]