We like to break things

Today was demolition day for the inside of the shed. The previous owner had housed a great many birds in there in a complicated series of hand-built cages, all containing the remains of the seed, bedding, feathers and excrement of their former inhabitants. The stench was unbelievable. I lost count of the bird boxes I […]

Spring Peepers

When I came home from Toronto on Tuesday I was very pleased to see the tulips, primroses and assorted other spring blooms in the garden. It’s an ongoing surprise here finding out what we have. But the best surprise came after sunset. The woods and marshy areas around us were alive with spring peepers. The […]

HICKTech – the Hick Part

Just listened to the best session so far – Karen Gillan told the tech story of the Bar 5 cattle company, an international breeding and sales operation. You can’t call this a farm, it’s more of a conglomerate of farming enterprises, doing business all over the world in sales of semen, embryos, live cattle and […]

HICKTech Session Start

HICKTEch got off to a fine start this morning with Ann-Marie Collins talking about managing the digital assets at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre. She noted that the museum and archives is gradually moving into the 21st century but has a backlog of about 45 years of material and objects to catalog and […]