Back For Spring

Got home at last this weekend and I am very happy to see the daffs and hyacinths in the garden. I also have a mauve double primrose that is small but spectacular. Probably an indication of the surprises to come if I’m lucky. The garden has been gradually revealing itself as the ground warms up. […]

Where I Am

I’m maddeningly far from my garden on this brilliant day, but still enjoying the weather. I zoomed up to King City from Leaside this afternoon for a picnic lunch with friends. I’ve been in Toronto for several days to cover personal and business appointments (including a perfect checkup at PMH for those who are keeping […]

Our Local Vixen?

We saw a fox crossing the road yesterday. By we, I mean me and two of the dogs, who have since been inconsolable because they failed to streak after it, but not for lack of trying. Luckily, I spotted it before they did and braced myself to put full body weight on the leashes. After […]

Death in Our Extended Family

My dear Auntie Marg died on Friday. She was a second mom to me when I was very young, presiding over the stable home we moved into while my own mother struggled to work and care for us as a single parent in an adopted country. It was a time of turbulence and loss […]

Bird Girl Update

Claire called this morning from Coolangatta with an update on her travels. Tomorrow is her last day at Corrumbin and she will be back in Sydney by Sunday. Then it’s off again in a couple of weeks with her friend visiting from Canada to see Melbourne and a few other places. She’ll take time in […]

Books I should be Reading

I thought about posting a list here of all the books I have bought and haven’t read yet, but I decided it would be too embarrassing. Besides, there are still many books in boxes since our move, so I couldn’t make an accurate list, could I? Instead, here’s the pile on my night table, the […]