Flown the Coop

I spent several productive days in Toronto, but was very glad to be home again today. All’s well on the home front, but we have mysteriously lost two of our pheasants. When I left last week they were fine, but when Bob checked them yesterday, two had disappeared. There is no evidence to analyze: no […]

No Picking or Packing Peppers

I finally heard from the birthday girl this evening. Claire called from Brisbane to tell me about her brief but career-affirming experience on a capsicum farm in Stanthorpe, a considerable distance southwest of Brisbane. She drove up from Sydney in one long trip a couple of days ago, to check into a hostel overseen by […]

Here’s the Other Half of the Story

I got home as planned to Owen Sound on Saturday. Drove through blizzards and drifting snow until I finally hit Grey County where the road conditions were much better (maybe we use more salt up here?). At last on the outskirts of Owen Sound it started to snow again, but I was steaming ahead determined […]

Just Landed

Just got back (as far as Toronto) from another successful week on the east coast. I spent most of the week working in windowless rooms, but with great people, and every so often I’d get a glimpse of the Saint John harbour. Friday was a travel day and fortuitously a colleague convinced me that fish […]