In My Own Backyard

I’ve been agonizing lately over which conferences to go to this spring, comparing speakers, venues and fees, to get the best value for my money and time. I have narrowed it down to two in the U.S. and must make up my mind in the next few days to get the early-bird rate. But wait! […]

Goldie is back where he belongs

Here’s an update for those of you concerned about our latest pheasant crisis. The peripatetic golden one grabbed his chance to socialize when a door was inadvertently left open and ended up in the same pen as the largest pair. We weren’t optimistic that the large male would stand for this flamboyant intruder, but weren’t […]

So near, and yet…

I’ve been back in Ontario since last Friday, eating bonbons at our Leaside spa location ever since (not really). The roads to Owen Sound were pretty good on the weekend, but I chickened out since I had to be back here today to lead a workshop for a client. The day’s effort was well received […]

Can’t Get There From Here

I had hoped to go to Toronto today, so that getting to the airport tomorrow wouldn’t be a scramble, but Mother Nature had other plans. The Christmas card view out my office window is lovely, but it means the highway is closed between here and the big city. Oh well, I’m warm and dry and […]