In Memory of Christian Gerard

A dear colleague and friend died last night. It was shocking and unexpected to hear the news, even though he had been struggling with a rare debilitating disease for many months. Christian was the most alive person I have ever met. He would always greet you with genuine enthusiasm and delight, full of ideas and […]

Technology is a Gift; So is Weather

My computer tells me it’s minus 8 degrees outside and I have no reason to doubt it. I just chatted with my daughter on the other side of the world where it was a sunny 27. She showed me (via webcam) the luscious bromeliads in the garden she was calling from. In return, I showed […]

It’s Official

If there was any doubt that we had moved north, it was dispelled this week by the snowfall of the last few days and, for me, by the appearance of two snowmobiles zooming up the street one fine morning. The dogs are very enthusiastic about the white stuff, especially Tiger. She heads purposefully into the […]

Quit Yer Naggin’

In response to pointed remarks from two loyal readers of this blog, I am finally posting again. Yes, lots of major things have happened and, yes, they turned out just fine, for the most part. We have moved, chattels and livestock, stuff and more stuff, in a two-phase operation that went off pretty much the […]