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Barkwhistle is Ours

Today’s objective was to take possession of the new house, Barkwhistle, (aptly named by my husband) and the process was not without drama. Deeply buried in the fine print of the volumes of legalese we had to sign to get this far was a requirement for the house to have drinkable water. And — quelle […]

Ok, it’s time I posted something

In response to an unknown number of people who actually read this, I’m finally posting something. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that doing one more thing in a given day has been totally out of the question on most days lately. This week, much has happened of note, but […]

Some Things are Not Digitally Enhanced

The moving plans are proceeding pretty quickly because we get the new house at the end of the month. Alas, buying a house is not one of those parts of life that is very different in the digital age. Shopping for the house was much improved because we were able to view and even tour […]