Thinking About Stuff

There has been a flurry of activity in this household lately to review and purge (more than the usual), thus leading me to more consideration of how to organize what remains. I came across this rumination on how to organize books (yes, we have lots of those in the house). When I read this, I […]

Back Home Again

I have returned safely from my latest adventure in the U.S. of A., doing my bit to keep the Internet running. While I was down in Dulles this time, it occurred to me that the whole environment (whose bizarre perfection I have written about previously) was very like Second Life. As I walked with a […]

Flying Should Be Easy

Bob spent some time at the Toronto Zoo on Saturday, checking out several of those who don’t have to worry about carry-on baggage when they fly. Of course, many of these beauties aren’t encouraged to fly too far. I think the new baggage restrictions for people may not be such a bad thing (apart from […]

Hot Times at Home

Long weekends are pretty exciting around here. Bob headed out of town with Lucy to commune with the trees in the bit of Bruce County wilderness we own while I chose to stay home to take care of the remaining livestock. Friday evening’s highlight was harvesting worm compost. I got about three small buckets of […]