Strange Journeys

My work takes me on many unique research journeys on the Web, sometimes to look up an aspect of information architecture, or delve into a new idea related to online interaction or online content. Sometimes I just need to look up an acronym, especially if I know what it stands for, but I don’t really […]

Who needs a reason to celebrate?

Today Bob and I have reason to celebrate — it’s our wedding anniversary. When people ask, I don’t mind telling them that we met on the Internet, as it happens, exactly 10 years ago today. To be more accurate, we met on a community BBS, a now-extinct bulletin board service run by TVOntario, which is […]

Getting Around

Last weekend was a relatively quiet getaway for Bob and I, one of our first together without any dogs in a long time. That alone made it seem quite carefree, but I confess we did miss them. We stayed in Owen Sound in a lovely Victorian house, Highland Manor, remade with considerable care into a […]

Excellent Summer DemoCamp

Really enjoyed last night’s DemoCamp at a pub in Toronto’s Liberty Village area. There were three sites demonstrated, in various stages of beta, plus a nifty glove-operated 3D visualization of a site architecture. The final speaker was Damian Conway talking about the glories of Perl 6. Yes, most of the latter was wasted on me, […]