Rhinos can’t bowl for themselves, can they?

My daughter is bowling for rhinos. Well, bowling needs a reason, doesn’t it? Being an animal trainer, she is naturally interested in conservation efforts, so supporting efforts to help rhinos wasn’t a hard sell for her. So she and her Toronto Zoo friends will be bowling to raise money in July. If you feel moved […]

Isn’t it supposed to work if I pay for it?

Today started out only moderately unproductively, but went rapidly into the dead-loss zone of software hell when a program I had PAID FOR (I hear your derisive laughter, Bob) decided it was really a trial version that had expired. I had been meaning to upgrade it anyway, so I decided to throw even more money […]

Belated Tribute to Fathers

Just missed Father’s Day, but I wanted to note the fact that fathers are very important in my genealogical researches. Since most of the women in the family lines I am hunting down changed their names on marriage, I am usually more successful tracing their families via their spouses. My family has strong maternal lines […]

A Quick Trip Downunder

I just took a mental vacation this evening while I watched the DVD of Claire doing her bird show at Taronga Zoo last year. I was reminded of what a superb venue the zoo has for its show (overlooking Sydney Harbour) and what a great job she did handling an assortment of magnificent Australian birds. […]

Who’s the Doctor?

I was prepared to be totally disappointed with the new new Doctor Who (David Tennant) because I was thoroughly infatuated with the old new Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston), but I’m not. He’s every bit as convincingly original as he needs to be and the episodes I have seen so far have given me the retro […]

Starting Over with Inspiration

I had a brief sojourn in Owen Sound last weekend, helping my mother recuperate from knee surgery. My tasks were simple: minister to her needs for tea and occasional meals, walk my dog, and just basically be there. I accomplished all of these with immense satisfaction, not least because my mother is someone who is […]