Do you know what week this is?

Little did I know that this week was Compost Awareness Week when I arranged to pick up my own community of about a thousand red wigglers tonight. Yessiree, we got worms! Our very own vermiculture queen, Cathy Nesbitt of Bradford, was speaking to the Oakville Horticultural Society, so I arranged with her to pick up […]

Grey Text Makes Me Crazy

I feel pretty lucky when it comes to easy access to the information I need, but today I must rant about something. What’s with the prevalence of grey text on websites? Those graphic designers who think it has elegance, sexiness, style, or god-knows-what going for it have won over more than a few site producers […]

Triumph of the Pod People

Yay! CBC, the radio mothership, announced today a delicious lineup of podcasts to keep my iPod humming with words. (Is that a mixed metaphor?) I have been a subscriber to the Quirks and Quarks podcast for months, but now I can add several shows or parts of shows I like but often don’t hear, such […]