An ID Holiday of Sorts

I’ve spent the past two days at the STC Toronto spring conference and I’m very glad I chose this one to spend time and money on. It had a lot of attractions from the start (location: Mississauga, just minutes from home; free parking, gotta love that!), not least of which was its theme, kind of […]

Tech & Non-Tech

I’ve spent lots of time in the last couple of weeks getting to know my new desktop computer, which came with the latest Mac OS, Tiger. Tiger isn’t exactly new, but I’m not an early adopter. I was able to field test it with all of my work and play applications while my laptop was […]

Today Let’s Celebrate Being a Little Irish

Today is a good day to spare a thought for my only known (so far) Irish ancestor, Ann Elizabeth Connley, my grandfather’s grandmother. A family story says she spoke only Gaelic when she was married in 1855, at 20, in Ashted, near Birmingham, to a plumber in his mid-twenties who was already a widower. The […]

Enough with the Guilt!

OK, enough of feeling guilty about not posting to this blog. Excuses? Got a million of ’em. All boring and lame. Now I’m back and ready to talk yer ear off. First up, today’s “hey look at this” from Albert of Bubbleshare featuring Will Wright, the amazing brain with jaw-dropping imagination behind the videogame SimCity, […]