OK, Now Back to Business

We’ve had the blog upgrade and the body refurb, so now it’s back to business. The bathroom reno (x 2) is still in progress, but that’s no excuse. I can’t even legitimately complain about the winter weather, as it’s been more like spring, today at least. Tonight I’m working on the workspace, as prep for […]

Another New Thing

This blog has gone through a technical upgrade in the past couple of days. Thanks to my webguy’s tenacity and giant brain and willingness to put in some late hours, it is back to looking pretty close to the way it used to. The blog engine now behind it has lots of smart features. One […]

Nothing Like a Fresh Start

It’s a brand new year and I have much to celebrate. My minor medical mystery has been solved and I hope to have it dealt with via a non-surgical procedure pretty soon. It took two ultrasounds, a CT scan, several blood tests and an MRI to figure out what the problem was, but thanks to […]