The Price is Right

The always original Jane Siberry now offers “self-determined transactions” at her online store, meaning you can pay nothing or something to download her songs. She explains, “Like many, I’m restless and impatient with living in a world where people are made to feel like shoplifters rather than intelligent peoples with a good sense of balance.”
She describes four choices:
1/ free (gift from Jane)
2/ self-determined (pay now)
3/ self-determined (pay later so you are truly educated in your decision)
4/ standard (today’s going rate is about .99)
As part of the buying process, in case peer behaviour matters to you, you are shown an average payment for the song you select. But Jane doesn’t want anyone to feel pressured. She says, “I am making a choice to work this way and take full responsibility for whatever it may bring to me. You make your own decision and stand by it, too.” Good advice any time.
I just tried a “gift” from Jane and now I’m going back for more, this time making an informed payment to this civilized artist. (The store page takes some time to load, but the wait is worth it.)

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