The Price is Right

The always original Jane Siberry now offers “self-determined transactions” at her online store, meaning you can pay nothing or something to download her songs. She explains, “Like many, I’m restless and impatient with living in a world where people are made to feel like shoplifters rather than intelligent peoples with a good sense of balance.” […]

Yay TorCamp!

Had a great time at TorCamp yesterday, listening, talking, eating and just milling around with lots of smart/funny/interesting/passionate people, from ubergeeks to other usability junkies like me (including one of my personal discussion-list heroes, Joe Clark. It was a stress-free info-packed full day loosely organized by David Crow — thanks, David! — and hosted and […]

Bird Girl Flies Home Again

Claire is once again safely landed at home from California following her week of girl stuff as maid of honour for her dearest childhood friend, Jane. The wedding was fantastic, she says, and her visit a mad round of visiting and talking and tears and, well, you know. Pictures will apparently soon be on an […]

Old Fashioned, New Fashioned

Tonight’s entertainment was old-fashioned musical theatre at a local college, a very polished presentation of Sondheim’s “Company” by theatre program students. This is a vintage piece of what was in 1970 a radical idea — concept theatre, not a narrative play. The form is not such a shock these days, but the context of the […]

Let’s Not Forget

Knife Notebook Pipe Hairbrush Key Six coins Cards Diary Bible Photos The personal effects of Private Charles Joseph Pryor, 4th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, were sent to my great, great grandmother, along with a pension of two pounds each fortnight, following his death in action at Gallipoli Peninsula between the sixth and ninth of August […]

Great Minds Gone Wrong

You know, I’m not against good ideas, even wacky ideas, but this one just feels wrong. It’s an ad for an LED faucet light that turns running water a bright blue — handy for washing your hands in the dark, I guess. While people anywhere — even in our own country — don’t have access […]

To Work or Not

I’m fortunate to have a variety of work and hobby projects begging attention most of the time, but the research ones are the most dangerous. Not too hard to just zoom around on the net with a specific goal, you think? Well, maybe not for those who have magnificent self-discipline, but that’s not me, is […]