Another Monday

Mondays can be so different. Last Monday I was up well before the sparrows to fly to Montreal for an all-day client meeting. Except for the getting up early part, it wasn’t as gruesome as it sounds. The meeting was well organized and all the right people were in the room when needed. There were […]

It’s a Setup

Claire is having the most exciting life right now — that’s why most of these posts are about what she’s up to. Not that I’m not busy; I’ve been a bit swamped with a variety of client work, from project management for elearning in financial services to information design for a major retailer. But you […]

Look up there! It’s a bird!

Our bird girl is now reporting from the Texas State Fair in her role as avian assistant (I’m sure that’s not the official title, but you get the idea). She gets to go to the top of the ferris wheel and (sometimes while it’s still moving) release two birds: first, a Harris hawk, then either […]