Hotel Doreen

Bob and I are in Owen Sound enjoying the quiet comforts of my mother’s house for the weekend. Mom is still in the UK making the rounds of family visits, packing in several before her return in a few days, according to her latest email to me. We’ve had a nice getaway, marred somewhat by […]

My Aunt Peg

My Auntie Peg died this morning in Portsmouth, England, just days before her 93rd birthday. She was too ill to attend the family reunion in her city on Saturday, but I’m sure everyone raised a glass to her, including my mother and Uncle Roy. She was the youngest and last surviving daughter of Nana, […]

Our Bird Girl

Claire just called to say she arrived safely in Dallas for her next animal adventure. This time it will be three weeks of training and preparation for the bird show at the Texas State Fair, followed by working at the fair itself for another three weeks. In bird training circles, this is the creme de […]

Our Gang in the UK

My mother and uncle arrived safely in the UK yesterday and hoped to see my great aunt this evening. Aunt Peg is our oldest living relative, the last of my grandmother’s generation, the youngest child of our Nana, in whose honour the family holds a gathering every year in the south of England. I have […]